Program’s Positive Effects – México Conectado

Program’s Positive Effects

Mexico Conectado will have positive effects for the country, of which the following stand out:

1. Bridge the digital divide

Mexico Conectado bridges the digital divide as a way to mitigate the deepening of social inequalities in our country. The expectation is that the more citizens have Internet access, the more they will be able to exercise other liberties and fundamental rights, such as freedom of expression, the right to information, health and education.

2. Improve coverage and quality of public services

In so far as more schools, hospitals, public libraries and governmental offices, among other public buildings and spaces, have Internet access, they will be able to provide better services and increase their coverage.

3. Economies in public spending

Aggregating, in the public tenders, the demand of Internet services of federal, state and municipal governments, will allow to lower prices and generate savings. Additionally, this Program takes advantage of existing infrastructure, technological resources and previously made investments aiming at reducing connectivity costs in which the Federal Government incurs.